Sunday, June 26, 2005

you've asked, so now I will tell

So, Mrs. Bean wants to know all about having two children under two. Since I've been a mother to two under two for exactly 37 days, I consider myself an expert on the subject and will proceed to tell you all about it.

I'm finding that the second child is way more easier than the first. Though, I don't think any mother to two or more doesn't know this. I'm not nearly as freaked out about every little thing and find myself enjoying this little person. The trouble with having your second so close to your first is that the enjoyment time you're having with number two is drastically cut. Just as I get comfy and cosey with Emmie, I have to put her down and chase after Lexie.

I am tired. But, it's a good kind of tired. Like how you feel after working out. It sucks at the time, but after you know you're doing something good. Yes, I just compared raising children to working out...shut up. As I said, I'm tired.

Lexie is entering the tender brat stage. Oh, the temper this girl has. I call my mom to complain about Lexie's latest tantrum and all she can say (between fits of laughter) is, "payback." I guess I was a high-strung child myself. S was too. So our genes met and created this super mutant. A mutant that can arch her back, throw herself on the ground, and wail with enough gusto to sweep the Oscars.

Emmie is a peach. How can she not be? Her only talents at this point are projectile spit-up and the occasional blow out diaper. It's the more active stage I'm dreading. And I have a feeling Lexie is just waiting to teach Emmie all there is to know about driving me mad. That's okay, there is still some of my natural haircolor left to turn grey.


Mrs. K said...

Thank you so much! I'm only 13 wks Pg...but getting more nervous about adding another one everyday ;)

Dottie said...

It truly does get easier, doesn't it!! Just wait until you find out what Lexie will teach her! LOL
Lilli is quite the drama queen with her temper tantrums, too....We will survive

Linda said...

Alyssa can throw the best temper tantrums! I think we are just at that age. Although several people with children older seem to say it never ends.

I can totally understand what you mean by comparing it to a workout! Although, you can't skip out on motherhood as you can with excercising...LOL!

Pieces of Me said...

Hey Christina!
Just wait until right before they turn 3! I dont know why people say the terrible twos cause it is more like the terrible right before threes LOL! I dont know if I could handle two at such a young age! That is one thing that has scared me was the thought of having twins! ah!!! I hope my kids are about 4 years apart so I can send Des to school and get some alone time with the baby! I do have 1 question for you...I am scared that I wont love the 2nd child as much as I love Des...I mean surely I will love my children but I cant imagine loving anything or anyone like I love is that with you? TTYL

Heather B said...

Wow Christina, you actually make having 2 under 2 sound NOT so horrible!! Not that I'll be choosing that route for myself though.
Diana raised a good point that I'd often wondered too. With all the chaos and tiredness, I'd be afraid of not loving the 2nd as much, or worse, feeling resentment b/c the time shared isn't as rewarding b/c of #1.
Both points that I think that I personally are worse thoughts than realities.