Saturday, June 25, 2005

you said boobs, heh heh

Have you ever noticed that once a woman has a baby, all that the woman seems capable of talking about is boobies and poop? It's "my breasts..." this and "my nipples are..." that and "the baby's poop is..." this. Quite intriguing. I think this is why people give post-partum woman so much space. They are sick of hearing about it.

I don't think a day goes by where I don't talk or think (obsess) over my 'girls.' They are getting way too much mind-time. But I can't stop. My mother told me she was going to stop calling because the first words out of my mouth are usually something like, "so my nipples are really toughening up." She doesn't seem to care.

Neither does S. He's just mad because the 'girls' are working girls now and therefore, he can look but no touch. For a boob-man like S, this is a small death. He'll be in mourning for a while.

I"ve heard about men who are "into" breastmilk. That is just sick and wrong on so many levels. I didn't quite believe it until I googled the subject. Internet, you are sick and twisted. Though, I've known that for years. Really. S is not one of those men. He is totally freaked out by breastmilk. It stems from some bad strip bar experience in Mexico...I don't know, I don't ask. I'm guessing it wasn't pretty though.


Mrs. K said...

Now that you've had a few weeks...what is it like with 2 little ones??? Is Lexie starting to throw temper tantrums?-Nick is! How is Lexie doing with the new addition?
Thank You ;)

Linda said...

LOL, Gary was mad when I thought I was going to breastfeed. Even though he totally understands the millions of benefits for the baby, he still thought those were "his". Umm, buddy, no they are MINE!

And I still talk about Alyssa's poop!