Thursday, March 22, 2007

bad blogger

Well hello!

I've seem to have forgotten all about you. Thanks Leah for asking like what, a month ago how I was doing? As you can see I'm right on top of answering that.

Things are well. S and I are talking every night. He's in jail, waiting for transport to take him to his diversionary program. It's a program geared towards alcoholic criminals, which is what S is now. A criminal. Hmmm, sounds pretty bad, right?

Anyway. We are talking and that's good. I'm not 100% sure where our marriage is headed, but that's okay for right now. He's where he needs to be and I'm learning how strong I am every day.

The girls are great. We've settled into a nice routine. I have awesome babysitters, so that helps a lot. Lexie is s stubborn almost 3 year old (she'll be 3 on Saturday, gasp!). Refuses to potty train, so I leave her alone on that. I figure she knows what to do, and she'll do it when she's ready. Emmie is a spit-fire. Full blown attack of the Terrible Twos. I want to hug her one minute and strangle her the next. Toddlers are such fun.

So there's your update. I'll try to get back on more often, we'll see. I don't want to make promises.