Wednesday, June 08, 2005

The Next Generation

I don't know what I find funnier in this picture: the totally uncomfortable smile on my grandpa's face or the attempt to placate Lexie by dangling keys above her head. Fun times at my grandparents house!

My grandparents aren't what you would call kid people. I think they were once upon a time, considering they had two girls, but it's been a while and they are rusty from lack of practice.

Enter Lexie.

Lexie is at that tender age of destruction all toddlers hit about this time. You know the age I'm talking about. If there is something breakable within reach, she will reach it and most likely break it. Seems the grandparents forgot this little detail about kids when they invited us over. It was amusing though watching them squirm and shoot the look to each other whenever they thought no one was watching. You know the look. It says, yeah she's cute but she's got her grubby hands all over our stuff and I hope those grubby handprints will come off with minimal scrubbing. Good times.

It thrills me to no end though that both sets of my grandparents are alive. It's a heartwarming sight seeing them hold my child, knowing that not all that long ago (try 27, not long ago at all) they were holding me and commenting on how small my ears were.


Jewl said...

Wow, that is great about your grandparents doing so well. My one grandmother is going great... the other two don't even remember me... YIKES... It is kind of sad but I understand. Anyway, I used to one of those people that did the, my how times have changed!

Laina said...

LOL, I was a "looker" too. My grandparents are all alive too, and three of the four of them have spent considerable time with Sam (my one grandma actually watches him while I work). My papa has only seen him a couple of times, but that's his loss. Glad your grandparents are making the effort to see your girls, even though it is a little uncomfortable for them!

Dawn said...

that's great that your grandparents are there. . and yes your gramps does look a tad bit uncomfortable

Mrs. K said...

I know exactly what you are talking about ;)
Question?-How did you set up that picture at the top of your webpage?!

Melissa said...

awww...I love that picture. I love the pictures I have of my grandfather and Garrison when he was really really little. They will treasure those later. I know I love the ones of me and my great grandparents.
I do "the look" to other people's kids.

Linda said...

That cracks me up that you have to use the keys to get Lexie's attention, because that is what we have to do too!

I love the picture with the granparents. It is awesome that you can do that. That is exactly what I plan on doing in about a week when I visit my grandparents!

And by the way, I will miss you too while I am gone (I find THAT silly, since I am the one going away, but it is true). I will have to try to sneak on the computer and get my blogging "fix" in!

Toni said...

I love the pictures...absolutely beautiful. I think you found your second career!

Pieces of Me said...

Hey!! That is really great...our grandparents are starting to go downhill and we are in our early 20's!! So take as many pics with them and the girls as you can!