Wednesday, June 15, 2005

This is entertaining

So, I intalled a stat counter because I'm cool, just like all of you. Well, that and I was super curious to see how some found my blog through searches.

It seems to most popular is I hate my mother-in-law or some other form of that exact sentiment. But, did you know someone stumbled upon me by searching for tingling sensation in the nipple or, my personal favorite, kill piss ant.

I'm so having fun with this.

**oh yeah. Thanks for liking my blogs new clothes. I found the template at Miz Graphics and then changed it up a bit. I'll try to stick with this one for a while, though it's totally addicting.


Dawn said...

where did you get your counter?

Laina said...

It is addicting--I keep thinking about changing mine, after being SO sure that I had it right where I wanted it, lol

Melissa said...

I know what you mean about being addiciting. I am totally addicted to changing too!

Linda said...

Ok, so how do you know how people found you through searches.

Do you also know who visted your site? Because I have read somewhere you can do that. If so, how do you know that too?

Because you know that I want to be just as cool as you...LOL!