Tuesday, June 14, 2005

No news is good news...right?

She hasn't returned my email or even called. This doesn't really surprise me since she is Mrs. Passive-Aggressive 2005. But, I'm itching for battle and the ball is in her court. If I strike again, I'll just look mean and evil.*

I'm sure she's telling anyone who will listen though what she thinks about me now. That's fine, bacause those people will tell me. It's a vicious circle, reminiscent of junior high. Remember those days? Yeah, I thought I was past them too.

The kids are doing well. We bought Lexie a new swimsuit for the summer, and I must say it's quite adorable.
Image hosted by Photobucket.com

Emmie is growing like a weed.
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I'm really enjoying the infant stage this time around. With Lexie I was a giant stress ball, always worrying about if she was eating enough, peeing and pooping enough, sleeping enough, etc, etc. That is something good about having them so close together, you haven't forgotten everything you went through with the first. It's all still fresh in your mind. Linda said it best: you're still in baby-mode. That makes is a little more tolerable. Well, that and the fact that my kids are the cutest damn things ever reproduced.

*at least that's how the rules are in this crazy family I married into.


Dawn said...

Did I miss something?? (I didn't like the infant stage either time)

Pieces of Me said...

Woah...who's blog am I at?? Who redid your blog?? It looks great! I love the pics...keep them coming! The new swim suit is too cute!!!

Melissa said...

I love the new swimsuit!! She's so cute! And the baby is getting so big. She is adorable too. Was Lexie's hair that dark at her age!! I love the new blog skin too!!

-xtessa- said...

hey there! diana pointed me to you... nice blog here...

btw, i think your MIL is related to mine!

Heather B said...

LOVE the swim duds!! She looks absolutely beautiful. And Emmie is sweet as can be!! I'm glad everything is going so well!!