Friday, October 08, 2004

Well, I'll be

so, um yeah.

Dear Husband made me test again, claiming that the one I had was "too old."

This time I got a positive. Four effing times.

I shit you not.

First appointment isn't until November 15th, unless something wrong happens. Yeah, thanks receptionist lady for mentioning that. Now I'll never get any sleep.

I'm happy, yet feel a little guilty. Like is was too easy this time. Normal?


Alana said...

Wow I'm the first to congratulate you!?! Congratulations! You deserve a little something to celebrate... maybe another bra?!

Linda said...


After I read your "it's negative" post, I had a feeling that you might be writing a post like this a couple days later. I thought it still might be a little early even if it was a "5 days sooner" test. The same thing happened to me. Mine test didn't show up positive until 14 dpo.

I am so excited for you, but I have to say, there is not a chance that I will be having a baby a couple days after your next one is born!! Our first little girls will have to be the ones that are so close in age!

Congrats again!!

Toni said...

YEAH!!!!! I can't wait to buy baby clothes!!! How exciting...I can't believe it. I have to admit I'm a bit jealous...but VERY EXCITED!!!!

(Perhaps, since everything else about us is similar, it means that I might be getting pregnant this cycle?? I'm hoping!!!!)