Friday, October 29, 2004

I'm so tired my mind is on the blink

Well, here un urp-land, things couldn't be greater. That was sarcasm people, get used to it.

I'm hating life right now. I feel like a bad mom because of the rejoicing that goes on when the wee one goes down for a nap. You would have thought I won the damn lottery. Hooting and hollering are known to happen. Then I go down for a nap. And it's a glorious thing.

I forgot how bone-tiring pregnancy can be. How I forgot, I do not know. I mean, it was only last year. My mother was right, nature does make a women forget, otherwise we'd all be only children. The tired I'm feeling right now and pretty much all the time is different though. This tired is grumpy. As in watch out for her grumpy. I've bitten my share of heads clean off this week.

In other news, the morning sickness has progressed nicely. I'm pukin' in the morning, pukin' in the evening, pukin' at supper time. I can't look or even think about uncoked chicken. Which sucks, because that's about all we have in our freezer. This happened last time too. It's enough to send me running for the nearest toilet/sink/backyard. And I know it only gets worse from here.



Corrie said...

I used to LOVE when Jaden went for a nap when I was pregnant. I would haul my pregnant ass to sleep too! Once when I was pregnant with Jaden I made steak for dinner and in the middle of dinner I just up and barfed. LOVE IT! Hope you feel better soon!

Linda said...

I am so sorry to hear about your morning sickness. Just think about how you will forget this too in about a year.

Definitly take advantage of "nap" time for yourself too!

I get excited when my daughter goes for her nap too, and I am not even pregnant or anxious for a nap. I just want more time to play on the computer or to take a shower.

Toni said...

Eek...I remember that. It sucks. Have you tried ginger chews? They helped me earlier this year when I had morning sickness for about a week.

Remember to keep drinking water. And get your hubby to watch the little one so you can get more sleep!!!