Sunday, October 10, 2004

Put down the camera and help your child

What I don't understand and never will is how people can be filming their lovely offspring, see said offspring fall humorously off their bike/skateboard/diving board/roof of house, and just keep on filming. Then, they send it into a crappy show like AFV (come on, we know you are still America's Funniest Videos, just with a slightly less annoying host than Bob Saget), and seriously hope to win the $10,000. All I can mutter is WTF?

I saw one the other day (no, do not ask me why I am watching this damn show, okay?), and I kid you not, the person filming didn't even move while the teenage girl being filmed had her hair catch on fire! On fire! Her hair was a flame and all this person did was zoom in for a close up. And I bet he was thinking oh, this might be the one to win me the big money. Put down the camera and throw some water on the poor girl's head. How hard is that? Is the thought of your 5 minutes of fame that enticing that you risk another's life and limb for it? Sheesh.

Now, that being said, we are contemplating getting one of these moving picture makers. Please pray that I have the foresight to put down the camera and aid my child. Especially if she is lit up like the fourth of July.

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Linda said...

We got one when I was pregnant. We wanted to tape every moment of Alyssa's life.

The only problem is when you forget you have one.