Friday, March 18, 2005

Will this post?

I know many other blogging people out there are having trouble with Blogger, so I won't go into my sob story. Just know that this is my fifth attempt at posting.

My birthday was a good one. We saw the film Hostage which was good. Bruce Willis is aging rather nicely, thank you very much. His daughter Rumour plays his child in the film. She's in a total of like 10 minutes of it, but those 10 minutes weren't bad. I think she was in Striptease with Demi, am I right? Anyway, it felt weird being away from the house for 4 whole hours without Lexie. I mean, S and I have been gone from her before, just never both of us together. I must say, I can get used to it.

I was a little bummed that this is the third birthday in a row that I haven't gotten to have a margarita on. Each time I've been pregnant. If I had known the pregnancy during my 25th birthday was going to end so suddenly and sadly, I would have had 14 margaritas (I meant to type 15, but 14 came out and I figured if I had changed it to 15, all of you would think I was a lush or something). You know, my ex-SIL actually said she didn't see anything wrong with having "a" drink while pregnant. Yeah, this from the woman who smoked pot every day of her pregnancy and on the weekends treated herself to a White Russian. Um, I don't think I'll be taking baby advice (assvice) from her.

Lexie did great with her babysitter (my, I mean mother). M (as she will now be called) was great, only commenting on the disarray of my house 3 times, instead of her usual 20 comment visits. That must have been her present to me.

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