Wednesday, March 02, 2005

I knew I should have studied

I failed my 1 hour glucose tolerance test. I knew I would, seeing how I failed it with my first kiddo. I hate, hate, HATE the 3 hour test. The lab I go to will not let you leave for any reason, so I have to sit there, bored to tears, for three frickin' hours...again.

I knew I should have skipped breakfast that morning, but when you're pregnant skipping a meal is like being told to cut off a finger. Well, for me anyway. If it ain't nailed down, it's going down my throat.

Well, here's to happy testing thoughts. I go in next week for the 3 hour torture.

In the meantime, would you really want to pull this pen out of your purse at the bank?

No, I didn't think so.


Toni said...

So sorry about the test...had to do the 3 hour and it sucks. Find a good book - or better yet, a book on tape :)

pregnancyweekly said...

So sorry about the test! 3 so long!

And heh..the pen is funny.

Linda said...

Sorry you have to go through the 3 hour test :(

Funny pen - Where do you find this stuff??

I was showing everyone the dancing dorm guy for two days!

Ontario Emperor said...

Why would any man want to display a one inch member?