Monday, March 21, 2005

Lexie's birthday bash

Here she is in her lovely party dress. Pay no attention to the tennis shoes on her feet. Mommy (wait, that's me) forgot to buy party shoes. Oops. This is the only time she smiled all day. Let's just say parties aren't her thing. After about two hours of her screaming and crying I decided I wanted a new kid. One that never throws fits in public. Do they even make models like that?


Linda said...

Happy Birthday, Lexie.

That picture is adorable!! (Alyssa loves that elephant peek-a-block toy too).

I don't think that it is in any kids nature to NOT throw a tantrum in's the thing to do!

Mrs. K said...

What a cute dress! I can't wait to have a little girl to dress up someday. But, for now...I guess I have my son to dress up ;) He was a ballerina for Halloween-Husband really loved that one!

Toni said...

She's beautiful!!!