Thursday, September 16, 2004

How can you miss that?

I hated being pregnant. Every single thing about it. I had morning/afternoon/evening sickness all the way up to delivery day (I puked while pushing...Lovely), I swelled up like a beach ball, I couldn't eat anything without gagging or outright puking (except oranges...mmm oranges), and by month 7 I could no longer feel my hips and thighs, except for the syatic pain searing done my right leg. And now I want to do it all over again. Why?

Well, most of you know the obvious reason (actually, I hope you all know). But, there is another reason and I'm almost afraid to share. Yeah, that's funny.

I'm a drama queen. I love attention. Never was I happier than when I was pregnant. Everyone doted on me and I basked in all that glory. My husband stayed home every night to watch bad TV with me, my mother-in-law actually left me alone (halleighluia). Then, at the hospital, there was actually women paid to give me attention. It was heavenly.

I know it sounds conceited and not the right reason to have children, but who cares? Hate me if you must. Now, since I'm not pregnant anymore, I'm not getting as much attention. It's okay though, my daughter gets a lot. So, I live vicariously through her. It's great. Nothing beats the rush you get when someone compliments you on your offspring. Though you had absolutely nothing to do with how she came out looking, you can pretend and graciously say "thank you" all the while thinking, damn, I do make some good looking babies. Husband and I need to make more. This world needs more beautiful people. This isn't healthy I know, but I gotta get my kicks somewhere, right?


Toni said...

I was pretty sick too...was on meds until 7 months - had a great 8th month and started puking again 9th month until I gave birth.

You do make beautiful babies...I'm hoping you'll be making more quite soon :)

~L said...

Well, I'm not a drama queen and I loved the attention to. There. I've admitted it. It's hard not to get used to all the doting-on and waiting-on and carrying-on, I hear ya.