Wednesday, September 15, 2004

Confessions of a Reality Show junkie

It started out innocent enough. Just a little Real World here and there, then some Road Rules. But, it is now officially out of control. I can barely keep all the shows I watch straight.

Sundays: I have my evening fix of Surreal Life. Now, to be fair, I only watch this because I am a recovering New Kids on the Block addict and since Jordan Knight is a cast member I can categorize this under a NKOTB relapse.

Mondays: I get my fix with a little Dr. 90210 and Family Plots. If I'm really in a desperate state I will watch Fear Factor, but that Joe Rogan really knows how to kill a good reality buzz.

Tuesdays: This is a hard day for me. I have to find a way to squeeze Dr. Phil, Trading Spouses, Last Comic Standing, and Totally Obsessed all into the coveted 8 o'clock time slot. Never has TiVo looked so damned appealing. Damn my husband for seeing that this would only feed my addiction. Damn him.

Oh yeah, don't forget Big Brother and the Amazing Race. Usually, after Amazing Race I am a little too pumped up to go to bed. Especially with that Colin jackass they have this season. Best line ever: "my ox is broken!"

Wednesdays: Amish and the City and Dr. Phil baby.

Thursdays: It's all about Survivor. But can they ever top Rupert?

Funny story: my daughter was induced on a Wednesday. On the way to the hospital Tuesday night, I remember that Survivor All stars will be on Wednesday instead of Thursday. I freak. I tell my husband that she had better come out before 8 o'clock or she is grounded. He thought I was joking, since I didn't miss the show, I let him think that I was.

Fridays: Dr Phil and While you were out. I refuse to watch America's Next Top Model. I tried I really did with the first season, but those girls were so stupid. And I'm sorry, but even this junkie can't sit through an hour of Tyra Banks.

Saturdays: Big Brother baby.

So, you see why motherhood seems to be dragging me down? Thank god reality TV is set for evening times or my daughter would have to become nocturnal.

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Linda said...

I am an absolute reality TV show junkie too!! I haven't watched the surreal life, but I was also overly obsessed with NKOTB. My friend and I would have contests to see who was the bigger fan. We were such dorks!