Wednesday, September 08, 2004

'Cause I'm a super klutz, a super klutz, I'm super klutzy...Yeah

What were the gods thinking, giving me a child? Don't they know I can't walk down a hallway without bruising my arm on that damn doorknob every single time. We call it a perma-bruise. I have many. I know children are resilient because there is a doorjam I bump baby's head on at least once daily. She never cries, such a brave girl. She knows she got a crappy deal on this graceful mommy bit, so she keeps a stiff upperlip (now there is a saying I never understood).

In the last week I have managed to cut not one, but two fingers opening cans (corn and beans respectfully), then last night I burned my nose cooking dinner. That's right, my nose. Instead of using a spoon to dip into the sauce, I used my finger. The finger I cut rather nicely the other week on a can of corn. In went the finger, out came the finger on fire! Hot sauce comin' atchya. And so, I did what any human does when confronted with heat. I screeched and waved my hand around like an idiot. All the while screaming "" And wouldn't you know, some sauce flung itself onto my nose, creating an instant-blister. Great. I'm taking it in stride though. Just add it to my growing file of "bone-head things Christina has done to herself." The file is getting a little large.

How will my daughter survive me? With a helmet and kneepads? That just might not be that bad of an idea.


Ontario Emperor said...

Will your daughter's first words be "hot hot hot"?

I can't talk - my wife likes to share about the time I burned boiling water...

Toni said...

I know that they make kids tough...:) Let's just keep it at that.

Glad to hear that I'm not the only one who has burned something weird (potholders in the oven).

Thanks for making me laugh today (sorry about laughing at your pain :) ).