Saturday, September 11, 2004

Getting to know you

My husband and I are getting to know each other again. We've really drifted apart these last six months. First, my mother came for a visit when baby was 2 weeks old. She stayed for a week. Then my sister came right after for 2 weeks, then his brother moved in. Now that it's just me, him and the little princess we don't know what to do with each other.

I hadn't even realized how different our routines are. He works almost 7 days a week (taking one day off every 13 days) and when he gets home, we eat, put lovely to bed, then go our separate ways. He to his "man room," me to the office to zone out on the internet. I seem to remember being upset about never seeing him like 3 months ago. When and how did that change?

I was looking at him last night and realized our first wedding anniversary is coming up. And I hadn't even thought of what we would do or what I would get him. I mentioned this to him and he pointed out that our daughter has a doctor's appointment that day, so we will spend it together then. How very romantic indeed.

This morning we had a great talk about how each of us felt about the other. He said he was a little sad because he was no longer number one in my book. Did it make him feel better to know he's now a close second, I asked. He laughed and said that it worked for him.

Our relationship has always been a little different. We never had that "honeymoon phase" where we call each other lovey and kiss every 2 seconds. We don't cuddle much (I have this thing about skin touching skin), and we don't have much in common. Like, shows he loves to watch I hate. Food he hates, I love (come on who in their right mind doesn't like apple pie?). But we love each other very much and that has always worked for us.

I'm enjoying have him almost all to myself again. I don't even mind the little woman that's come between us now.

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Toni said...

It gets better...I know you don't think it will - but it does. For instance, I'm on the computer in the office writing you - and my wonderful hubby is right next to me - typing on his laptop for work - talk about togetherness. :)

Seriously - I think we all go through this - the hardest part is over (and no, I don't mean the brother in law leaving) - admitting that you're no longer #1 in eachother's lives. It's that cutie pie (and she is a cutie - I LOVE the picture!!!) that pukes all over you (she'll eventually stop doing that too!).

Have a great week.