Tuesday, May 31, 2005

What is this little person?

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

Lexie is still trying to figure out what this little person we call Emily is.

For those of you who asked, they are 14 months apart and I'll have to get back to you on how having them that close together is.

Lex has taken to petting Emmie. It's quite cute, yet can become violent if you don't watch her (think Lenny in Of Mice and Men). She also likes to snuggle with me while I breastfeed, which is amazing in itself because this is the child who wouldn't snuggle for the first 13 months of her life. Suddenly, she's a lovebug. I totally dig it.

Life is pretty good here at Casa de Austin. A routine is emerging and a light is shining at the end of my tunnel. It's looking pretty good.


Toni said...

Congrats. I disappear from the blog world and look what happens!!!

She's beautiful...glad Lexie is adjusting semi-well. My sister and I are 13 months apart...we loved it growing up!!

Peanutt said...

Congrats to you on the beautiful baby girl!!!!

Taylor said...

They are too cute. I bet they will be great friends once they get a little older ;)

Taylor said...
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Melissa said...

Emmie's pic is gorgeous.

Pieces of Me said...

Hey Christina,
I am glad things are going so well! My cousin's children are 4 years between the first two and then barely a year between the middle one and the new baby! I couldnt imagine having 2 children so close together after watching them...but it looks like you have everything together!! YAY! Your babies are soooooooo adorable! Hope everything goes well, I am sure it will! Take care of those cuties!

Linda said...

Those are such cute pictures. Is Lexie kissing Emily in the first one?

Oh, so the key to a snuggly baby is to have another one...hmm, I guess I will take a mental note of that one...LOL!

sarcastic journalist said...

Wow, congrats! SHe is BEAUTIFUL. Mine will be 19 months apart, so I'll silently stalk you :)

PriscillaG said...

Your girls will most likely be very close. My kids are ten months apart (crazy I know) and they are so close, pretty much like twins. It wasn't planned but I am so happy it happened that way.