Thursday, May 05, 2005

34 week check up

Well, the baby is breech. Her head is tucked rather comfortably (for her, not me) under my ribcage. Dr. Kinda Nice (there are three doctors at the practice: Dr. Nice, Kinda Nice, and Not So Nice). wants me back next week to check her position and if she's still head up, we will schedule a version for the following week. Fun! Actually, I'm a little frightened and am blaming the Discovery Channel and all their terrifying birth shows where versions go bad.

Also, my blood pressure is going up. Modified bed rest has been order. Yeah, try that with a toddler. This should be interesting. I'm kinda hoping to just schedule an induction date. That way my mom can be here for the birthing of the baby. 'Cause you know, like Prissy in Gone With the Wind, she knows all abouts birthing babies. Yes ma'am. Hee hee.


Ontario Emperor said...

Now all I can think of is someone going around wearing a curtain as a dress. Danged Carol Burnett.


Leah said...

Did Dr. Kinda Nice say that you had to try the version?
My son was breach and the Doc left the version up to me...I didn't go for it and ended up with a planned c-section ;) I recommend it! Painfree childbirth with LOTS of wonderful numbing drugs!

Linda said...

Hopefully your little girl will turn herself around for you.

Bedrest, what a great reason for your hubby to do all the work around the house...LOL! I hope your house doesn't fall apart! Good thing you are almost there.

Dawn said...

yea those shows can scare one can't they?