Friday, May 13, 2005

I think she's hanging onto my ribs

So, yeah, she's still breech. I think she is trying to crawl (swim?) into my ribcage. It's an intensely uncomfortable feeling. Blood pressure still somewhat high. But, we have a tentative plan...

I go back in Tuesday for another two second ultrasound to see if Monkey is still breech (we're laying odds on it being so). Then we have the "discussion" with Dr. Not So Nice about versions and inductions. What I want to have happen is this: schedule version for about 37.5 weeks, then if successful induce right then and there. No worries about fetal distress and I get to have my mom there for the birth. The Nurse Practioner I saw yesterday said that's the way she would go, but of course I have to talk it over with a doctor. And, of course, Dr. Not So Nice is the only doctor open all next week for appointments. Ugh.

So, that's what is going on in pregnancy land here at Casa de Austin. Stay tuned for baby shower news tomorrow evening. This should be fun. My step-mom is throwing me a casserole party (where everyone brings a freezable casserole instead of a baby gift) and I insisted she NOT invite my mother-in-law*. Now, all should go well as long as MIL doesn't get wind of it.

*for those of you new to my story, here is an example as to why my MIL is not invited.


Linda said...

I hope you get what you want. I am really keeping my fingers crossed that she turns for you!!

LOL about your MIL. I would feel exactly the same way!!

Have fun at your casserole shower, it sounds like fun!

Dawn said...

casserole party is a great idea!!

Pieces of Me said...

Hm...never heard of a casserole party but it sounds like a good will have to let us know how it went!!! I hope everything goes well...we are all praying for ya! Let us know what happens

Melissa-littlemp said...

Oh my goodness! Your MIL is a total witch!!!!