Tuesday, May 24, 2005

If you listen closely, you can hear my sanity blowing in the wind

Surefire way to make your sweet angel of a 14 month old go bad? Bring home equally sweet angel newborn. Guaranteed for a good time.

Wow is all I can say. Lexie is a mondo-brat and I'm not liking it. I find myself wanting to scream at her (like she does to me...Hey, it's only fair) and while I know that's not a good parenting thing, sometimes it seems like it would feel so good. I'm getting really good at counting to 10. Maybe I can find a career in that.

Emmie (still working on that as a nickname, what do you think?) is a dream. Breastfeeding is going well, which is a huge relief off my chest (pun intended, yuck, yuck, yuck). In case you're wondering, I failed at it miserably with Lexie, as mentioned here. I'm happy to say my back is holding on. I'm still not liking the breastfeeding and am waiting for that wonderful moment to happen. You know, the one all the mothers tell you they have. That moment of bonding and closeness.

Yeah um, all I feel right now is the urge to say "moo."


Melissa said...

Sorry Lexie isn't cooperating! I hope the stuff I e-mailed to you this morning helped with your blog!

Taylor said...

I love the nickname Emmie. I have a friend named Emily and I call her 'Em'. I hope Lexi starts behaving soon ;)

Linda said...

Oh, I love the nickname Emmie and it goes so well with Lexie!!

Sorry Lexie is so jealous right now. Hopefully she will soon (very soon) realize that Emmie isn't going anywhere and screaming isn't going to make her go away.

I bet it is so much fun in your house right now!

Yay for breastfeeding. So, is it easier the second time around?

Dawn said...

i did not have any luck bf'ng my first but did with my 2nd. it took a long time to 'like' it. . in fact i hated it at first. my husband kept insisting I commit to one more month, one more month until finally it was just natural. i don't know about the bonding part - i bonded with both of them bf or not but bf is a lot easier than having to worry about bottles. good luck!

Pieces of Me said...

I agree with Linda...poor thing she is just upset that she isnt getting all of your attention but I bet you are having so much fun! Dont you love having so much love and seeing them everyday :-)

Carrie said...

been nosing around for a few times... thought I'd post.

congrats on the birth of your second beautiful little girl!!!

My daughter is a little over 8 months, and is still nursing. I have YET to feel that 'zen' or whatever moms call it. don't get me wrong--- I'm glad my daughter is getting what she needs, and everything is fine and all... but I've yet to feel that cosmic-love-this-nothing's-better feeling.

but good luck to you--- I'm sure you'll find many many other special moments in your time with Emmie.... and here's to hoping Lexie finds her groove soon.