Sunday, May 22, 2005

Birth Story (sleep deprivation issue)

Here's the low down on how Emily arrived...As you know I was hospitalized on tuesday. Man, what a drag. Well, friday came and I figured my blood pressure would still be good (even after walking), so I thought (and hoped) I would get to go home for at least a week before induction. The doctor came in and checked me after my walk down the hall and my blood pressure was 170/108...oops. She told me I was having the baby that day.

So, they started the pitocin at about 11:00am and I hung out on that for awhile. Doctor came in at 2pm and checked my cervix and I was 4cm! Woohoo. She broke my water and I nicely asked (begged) for my epidural. It took the doc 3 tries to get that damn thing in. He missed big time and I still have a little pain in my back from that one.

Anyway, epidural kicked in but then around 5:30 it wore off and I was dying. Not to mention the fact that they had 2 emergency c-sections so I had to wait almost an hour for the epidural man. By then I was puking I was in so much pain. He gave me a dozey of a dose and I was numb all the way up to my armpits...very weird.

Around 7pm, I told the nurse I had to push and yup I was 10cm but I had to wait almost another hour for the doctor to make her way to the hospital (traffic and an accident held her up). That totally is so hard not to push when your body wants too.

Finally, the doc comes in and three pushes later Emily Lynne was born. I tore a tiny bit and required 1 stitch, but everything else went so well they let me come home yesterday!

Sorry, if this rambles or doesn't make sense in parts. I am suffering from a bit of sleep deprivation. I'll be back soon I hope. Getting used to having two little ones is harder than I thought. I'm dreading my hubby going back to work and my mom going home...agh!


Pieces of Me said...

How exciting...I am sorry it took so long before everything took place but I am glad she is here and everyone is safe and healthy! What a wonderful birth story and a precious baby :-)

Dawn said...

two is tough especially at first but it does get easier

Linda said...

I hope you get some much needed sleep while your DH and mom are still there!!

I can't believe you held off for an hour to push. I remember that feeling very vivedly. I couldn't stop myself and the nurses got mad at me, but I couldn't stop...LOL.

I am glad it is all over and you are home!!

Peanutt said...

Congratulations on the new baby! How adorable!
Had the epidural myself, what a wonderful thing it is! LOL.
Wishing you more sleep!