Sunday, April 03, 2005

Now I can wear short shorts (weather update at bottom)

So I bought some Nair and let S have his ways with my, I mean legs. I think he enjoyed it too much, I kept having to yell, "don't rub it in. You aren't supposed to rub it in!" And, damn if the crap worked. My legs are smooth and irritation free, well the areas I can reach are anyway. Kudos to Nair for finally getting that awful Nair-smell out of their product. And for getting that burn-the-shit-out-of-Christina's-skin formula fixed. I considered myself brave for even trying Nair again after all the trauma I went through in high school with it. But the bottle promised "new and improved" and yes, they did deliver.

Of course, now that I am hair-free, the sun has gone into hiding. So much for wearing those cute shorts I just bought. *sigh* Well, I know it'll be back, I just hope the shorts still fit when it does. Wouldn't that just be my luck. I don't think I'll have a problem though, seeing how they are maternity shorts with that to-die-for paneling we all love.

Pregnancy still moving along. I now have constant heartburn and Braxton Hicks contractions all day long. I never had them (that I know of) with Lexie, so the first few freaked me out. I knew what they were, but still it felt weird. They don't hurt thank God, but annoy me still the same. Only 72 days to go...woohoo!

Holy shit! It's raining so freakin' hard I'm afraid to go outside for fear of being swept away in the downpour. I think God Himself is angry with California. The lights are flickering and I think I heard thunder. Guess I'll just pack those shorts away.

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Linda said...

Rain, rain go away.