Sunday, April 10, 2005

Adventures in Labor and Delivery Ward

Yup, I got to spend 3 glorious hours at L&D yesterday. Why? Because I'm a nutjob.

No, what really happened was I noticed at about 11am that I hadn't felt Baby Monkey move all morning. What a way to get the panic rolling. And rolling it went. I was so hyped up on being freaked out I couldn't hold still long enough to do an hour of kick counts. Maybe 3 minutes would go by, I wouldn't feel anything and then I would start bawling. Have I told you all how melodramatic I am yet? Yeah.

So, I put a call into my doc's office. Dr. Kinda Nice (there is Dr's. Nice, Kinda Nice, and Rarely Nice) called me back and suggested I head over to L&D for a NST (non-stress test). Let the absolute FREAKING out begin.

I called S's work and, of course, he's out on delivery and "forgot" the radio/phone (he does this so they don't bug him...loser). I'm crying and tell them to tell him to meet me at L&D. That'll get him moving. I called my bestest, most wonderfulest friend L to drive me over. I tell her S will meet us there.

Yeah, he totally beat us. Which isn't good, considering her was 30 minutes from the hospital and we were 10. Hmmm, can we say speed?

They immediately hooked me up to the Doppler thingy (techie terms comin' at ya) and after a few heart-stopping seconds, found Monkey's heartbeat. Nice and Strong. Few. Then came the boring 3 hours of non-stress testing. It took so long because they kept losing her on the monitor. I finally found her and kept my hand on the damn thing so I could get out of there.

All in all, I felt pretty silly. But, sometimes you need that reassurance that everything is fine. S congratulated me on making it to 30 weeks before flipping out. With Lexie I freaked about every 2 weeks, wailing and crying that I knew she was gone. Oy.


Linda said...

I am so glad that everything is OK.

And never feel silly about making trips like that. Better to be re-assured that everything is OK!!

Mrs. K said...

The same thing happened with me around 30 wks Pg. We, too, took a trip to the hosptial and got hooked up to the doppler. My baby was just fine.
I'm glad everything turned out good for you!

Toni said...'s hard to not do it.