Tuesday, April 12, 2005

Won't you be my neighbor

I'm sick of the street we live on. Not only are the BART (Bay Area Rapid Transit...think subway) tracks directly across the street to our left, not only is it a busy road where the speed limit is clearly marked 35 yet most losers drive 50, but my neighbors across the street and to our right suck. A lot.

Let's start with the blonde "I'm better than you" bitch across the street. Every morning she stand outside, cigarette dangling from her lips, watering her lawn. All the while glaring at our lawn like it is a personal insult to her just because most of it is made up of weeds. Hey, at least they're green weeds. She then proceeds to bitch loudly about the fact that I don't have my dog on a leash. Never mind that Kaya (the dog in question) is too chicken shit to leave our front lawn. I think she's pissed because I let our dog piss and pooh all over our own lawn. GASP.

The icing on the cake with this neighbor is her porch light. The porch light she turns on at 11:30pm every night, right before she goes to bed. Yeah, so her freakin' porch light shines into my bedroom window all night long. And it's situated in such a spot that it shines right through the hole in the blinds we have up, right onto my face. Son of a bitch.

Now, onto the neighbors next door. They are a lovely family, with very cute kids. Kids that like to scream outside every morning at 6am. But, that's not why they upset me. No, it's the fact that they have like 7 cars and not one of them is parked in their empty garage or empty driveway. No. Almost nightly one of their cars is blocking our driveway, so that I have to go ask them to move it before S gets home for work. Sometimes, S has to ask them to move in the mornings so he can get to work. This has been going on for almost a year. We thought at first it was a language barrier or something. But, I know they speak English. I think they're just dumb. They also have one truck that has an alarm installed that is so sensitive to sound, it goes off every time a motorcycle drives by.

Here's a kicker. They repaved their driveway two weeks ago, and still won't walk on it. It's kind of comical to watch actually. They tiptoe around the edges, teetering side-to-side like they are crossing some narrow bridge 10 miles up. It would tickle me more, but then I think about the cars that should be parked there and I get all mad again.

So, there you have it. My wonderful neighbors. I'm just glad we are renting right now and are not stuck owning this house.


Toni said...

Can you move? Find a place that isn't so....hmmm...interesting?? :)

Leah said...

We rented this beautiful old house that was actually 7 apartments and ours in the v back. Well, one of the college girls who lived all the way in the front decided she is going to lay outside of our kitchen window and sunbathe all day. BITCH!-she did have her own area where she could have sunbathed, but she kept laying right by our kitchen window or bedrm window. What did I do-packed up Husband, baby and myself and moved ;)

Jaynee said...

I'd park in the neighbor's nice new driveway next time they block yours. When they complain, tell them that since they had blocked yours you had to use the only available space available - theirs!

Linda said...

Well, it is a very good thing you are only renting!! I would probably start the next house search. Although moving is a major pain too.

I avoid my neighbors all of the time. I hate getting into conversations with old man next door who thinks that I have nothing else to do, but talk to him.

Ontario Emperor said...

We OWN, next to a woman who likes to feed about 6-7 outdoor cats, who then proceed to hang out in our driveway and poop on our lawns. No, I take that back - HER cats would NEVER poop on OUR lawn. Must be some other cats.