Thursday, April 28, 2005

Adventures in Labor and Delivery Ward Part II

Yup, was there again last night for 3 hours trying to figure out what the extreme upper abdominal pain I was having last night. They think my large intestine is being "squished" (actual techie term, I guess, because my doc used it) between my ribs and my uterus. Meaning, this baby is bigger than Lexie was. Great, just great. They were afraid it was the sign of HELLP. I'm so glad it isn't.

Baby sounds good, she was kicking the monitor almost the entire time we were there. The nurse got mad at me because after 2 hours I disconnected myself from the machines. I mean, come on, I wasn't there for a NST and all we were doing was waiting for my urine test to come back (oh yeah, I have an UTI...FUN!). Why do I need to be on those monitors and forced to lay in some wacko position? I didn't. The nurse disagreed. We had words. I won. S says he so hopes she isn't on when I come back for labor. That would be my luck though.

I'm tired of this. Tired of the pain, tired of the peeing (though after the anti-biotics kick in that should return to somewhat "normal"). Only 7 more weeks. I can do it. Yes, I can.


Linda said...

I am so glad that everything is OK and it wasn't HELLP!!

You are so in the home strech now!! I think the last 33 weeks have flown by (for me...ha ha).

Did they estimate how big they think she is? Lexie was small, so even if this one is a little bigger, it shouldn't be so bad.

Anyway, my doc always told me that it doesn't matter how much the baby weighs, it matters how big the head is. (Um yes, and this was at my 35 week appt when Alyssa's head was already measuring at 41 weeks. Yeah, thanks, doc!)

And no more trips to L&D for at least 4 more weeks and only to be there for labor...capiesh (sp?)

Toni said...

I'm counting down for you...only 7 more weeks!!!

Dawn said...

I put you on my blogroll -- nice blog! Hang in there