Tuesday, April 19, 2005

Here's the thing about our house

Some of you have wondered why we don't just move? Some of you have even said you would move if in this house. Well, here's the thing. Rent here is freaking CHEAP.

See, S's boss owns this house and likes to rent it dirt cheap to his employees. For that we will stay. Just to throw some numbers out at you...We were living in a 850 sq. ft. Townhouse for about $1200 a month. That's considered reasonable for the area we live in (I know, I think 'reasonable' my ass too). That townhouse had two bedrooms, 1.5 baths, and a kitchen only one person could be in at once. FUN! The house we are in now is about 1600 sq. ft., three bedrooms plus den/office, 2 baths, and a kitchen the whole family could do a jig in, if the need should ever arise. And, we're paying about $1000 per month. The house three doors down (hmmm, speaking of three doors down, whatever happened to that band?) has the same floor plan and I know they are paying about $3500 per month in rent. Yeouch!

So, for now I'm willing (somewhat) to put up with all night porch lights and driveway blocking. We've been here a year and hopefully won't be here longer than another year. The goal now is to move to Idaho, where houses are cheap and the land is pretty (why do I feel the urge to belt out a Guns-n-Roses song all of a sudden?). Plus, my mom lives up there and ever since I became a mom, I've missed her most terribly.

Thank you for your concern though. And to Jaynee: thanks for the great idea of parking in their driveway. I told S, and he is salivating over the thought.


Toni said...

Makes a ton of sense...I hope that you guys are able to move soon!

Linda said...

Sounds like you do have a great deal. I would put up with that too for such a good deal.

Although, you usually have at least one annoying neighbor no matter where you live.

Jaynee said...

That $1K rent is AWESOME for that amount of space! DEfinitely worth lights and parking problems. =)