Thursday, April 21, 2005

T-minus 55 days and counting (edited to add my thoughts on lunchmeat)

32 week check up today. Everything is as it should be. Blood pressure 124/82 and I've lost the 3 lbs. I had gained two weeks ago. Hmmm, don't know how that happened. All I've been shoving into my face is lunch meat ans Starbursts (just finished off about 20 of those suckers just now).

Have I mentioned yet how tired of being pregnant I am? I figured out that at the end of all this in a span of 24 months. I will have been pregnant for 18. Yuck.

As I told S, after this one my uterus is on strike!

Edited to add: Anonymous poster brought up some concerns about consuming lunchmeats while pregnant. There is a risk of lunchmeats carrying the bacteria listeria (click here for interesting article). I'm assuming that Oscar Meyer lunchmeat is safe.


Anonymous said...

Hope you're kidding about the lunch meat. Of course your doctor told you to avoid lunch meat when you're pregnant, right? Just wanted to pass the tip along in case you were serious. Good luck with the pregancy.

Linda said...

I don't blame your uterus for being on strike. I am just starting to feel like I can handle being pregnant again.

How many kids did you and your hubby want to have?

Ummm, and what's wrong with lunchmeat? I ate it while I was pregnant.