Wednesday, October 26, 2005


I was reading another woman's blog yesterday and THIS post really hit home.

See, I was never brilliant, but I'm pretty sure I could add 8+6 without having to count on my fingers. And I could have an entire conversation without using the words poop, spit-up or drool. I'm almost afraid to think about how blank my mind will be if I have more kids. I already get caught staring off into space, a glazed look about my face, with a hint of drool starting in the corner of my mouth. And that's what happens when S asks what's for dinner.

As you know, we've moved. It's pretty obvious since I don't know where anything is, who anyone is, and the sights and sounds are completely different. Yet, when asked for my phone number or address I start out strong...with the wrong information. Then there is an uncomfortable bit of time where I hem and haw, trying desperately to remember the new phone number. Then, if that uncomfortable silence drags on too long, I'm stuck wondering what the hell I was trying to remember in the first place. this makes for interesting and entertaining fun for the pizza place worker, I'm sure.

I now understand my mother's ditziness from my growing up. It wasn't her fault. It was mine! Well, I'm sure my three sisters share equal blame, but I am the first born so you know I'll take the brunt of it. What scares me is that now that we are all grown and (almost) moved out of her home, she is still the same. She has this incredible talent for tuning you out. I remember when grocery shopping with her, if I became separated from her and the cart, I would yell "mom!" and every woman in the store would turn and look at me. Every woman, that is, except my mother. She would claim to not have heard me, but I now know the truth. Her brain has forgotten what it's doing, because having children steals your brains. And that's a fact.

*You do not want to know how many words I spelled wrong in this post. I'll let you in on a secret though...most of them weren't the ones you would think.

**ETA: You didn't really think I would keep the spelling errors in, did you? Let's have a moment of silence while Christina rejoices in spellcheck!


Pieces of Me said...

Hey there...I hope things get easier for you...It is always a little strange being in a new place!! You crack me up and have me checking for the words you misspelled lol!! TTYL

Toni said...

You're right...I used to have a brain. It's interesting that the Chicago Tribune actually had an article that stated many large companies WANT to hire moms b/c they tend to be better organized and get the job done. Hmm...don't remember the word 'smart' in there...:)

Mabel said...

I can't spell or think clearly. I have no children. Nor am I pregnant. This scares the hell out of me. It can only get worse, right?

Linda said...

Yeah, my brains have gone somewhere too. I have been at my job for 7 years and I swear things I knew before having Alyssa have left my mind. I am sure the word around work is that my brain is now mommy mush...LOL!

Dottie said...

and four kids later.....I am your mother! LOL I have notes upon notes of reminders, my day planner is my best friend and I have selective hearing that tunes out just about everything! Awwww....motherhood! Not only does it wreak havoc upon your body but also your mind!

Laina said...

OMG, I can SO relate to this. Not only am I dumber, Sam has a longer attention span than me. I can be entertained by the Teletubbies and Sesame Street for over an hour, but I have difficulty reading a contract for work.