Friday, October 14, 2005

christina needs...

I stole this idea from Beth, it looked like fun:

what you do is type in {your name here} needs (i.e. 'christina' needs) into the Google search engine and blog your top ten "needs"

So, christina needs... be thanked
2...a hand name-drop quit losing weight (oh I wish) consume 1725 calories per day to maintain her current weight
6...deeper drawers and some wall-mounted shelves (I think everyone really needs this) advance from good to great and become the bellwether district
in the state.
8...nearly 80 minutes to express herself (not really, just give me 5 minutes) own her whiteness and stop trying to be a rapper (I'd like to shout out to all my peeps for keepin' it real, yo)
10...needs to wear clothes ON TOP of her underwear (Is that how it goes?)

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