Tuesday, October 04, 2005

I quit?

Breastfeeding isn't going so well here in Casa de Austin. It hasn't for about 2 months now and I think my job is to blame. See, the first month I was a good mom and pumped when I got home from work so Emmie could have breast milk. Then, well then I just went all lazy and decided one bottle of formula wouldn't kill her. So, no it didn't kill Emmie, but it seems to have killed my supply. Emmie is hungry all day long. I've been nursing her every two hours, yet she still screams and cries. Then, two nights ago, she started refusing the boob.

So, I'm at a dilemma here. Do I forge through this hell or just give in to the bottle and formula? Don't tell me how much "easier" breastfeeding is, because for me it's not. I'm a little to well-endowed and it makes nursing quite the chore. So many things to do; make sure I'm not suffocating the baby, make sure she stays latched, don't let go of the boob or nipple is ripped from the poor feeding baby's mouth...you get the picture.

The pros and cons are about even. I know that formula is more expensive and not as good as breast milk for my little Emmie, but those pale in comparison to my well-being and enjoyment of my baby. I'm still thinking about. You'll know in a few days.


Michelle said...

I feel ya sister! Breastfeeding is not easy! Look at it this way, you've been doing a wonderful job so far and Emmie is a happy baby so however she eats she'll be fine! Good luck with your decision, I'm facing a similar one myself.

Linda said...

I am proud of you for making it even 4 months breastfeeding!! Don't beat yourself up over it. You will do what is right for your family...no regrets!!