Wednesday, October 05, 2005

Nerd power

So, how much of a nerd am I if I confess that I love the new Backstreet Boys song, "Incomplete"? Yeah, I know.

Also, I totally love Kelly Clarkston, even though I swore I would never like anyone that came from the American Idol show. But, damn her songs are just so much fun to sing along to.

I also love old reruns of 'Golden Girls' and 'Home Improvement'. Sheesh, I am really embarassing myself here.

So, what things to you dig that make you a little "special"?

*oh and if you haven't, pop over and congratulate Michelle on making a beautiful baby.


Linda said...

Oh I listen to all of the pop songs and I love to watch re-runs of Full House, Home Improvement, and Roseanne, all of those good old time favorites!!

Rebecca said...

I have watched Home Improvement for as long as I can remember. I even know the middle childs birthday....but only cause he was my BIGGEST crush in HS! lol I also love Kelly Clarkson songs. What makes me "special"? I watch Lizzie McGuire sometimes, lol, it's really a cute show, even if I am about 10 yrs too old for it. ;)

Laina said...

Um...let's see. I have favorite Blue's Clues and Barney songs, how dorky is that? I listen to the same music my parents do for the most part, I like old sitcom reruns (especially MASH, All in the Family, and I Dream of Jeannie), and I secretly love Dolly Parton and am going to be her for Halloween. Do you feel like less of a dork now?!