Tuesday, October 11, 2005

They must be lonely in Idaho

So everyday while driving to work, I am tailgated by some moron who in turn is being tailgated by another moron. I, meanwhile, never tailgate because tailgating is a sin and sin is what leads you straight to hell.

Anyway, the tailgaters.

Yeah, I'm guessing all this fresh air and nature stuff makes drivers lonely. So lonely that they want to be able to see your facial expressions in your rear view mirror. That and critique you on your radio station choice. Why else would they all ride so damn close to my (and everyone else's) back bumper.

Now, for some photographic evidence. This was taken while driving on the freeway, where the speed limit is 70 and I was doing 80. I hope you can see the car in my rear view mirror...look closely and you can see her tailgating buddy behind her in the white truck:
Image hosted by Photobucket.com

And, just for fun, some loverly nature shots. They don't have pretty things like this in California (not that I have seen, anyway):
Image hosted by Photobucket.com

Image hosted by Photobucket.com


Laina said...

Hi, my name is Laina, and I'm a tailgater. :)

I only tailgate when I can't pass though. It's my way of saying, "Yes, I'm back here, now get the hell outta the way." Tailgating on the freeway is stupid and pointless.

Christina said...

well, now we know Laina is going straight to hell...LOL

Linda said...

I also have to admit I find myself tailgating from time to time.

How in the heck were you able to take a picture on the freeway of the person behind you? You are one talented driver, because I would have probably crashed!

I love when the trees change color for fall. Great pictures!!

Laina said...

Yeah, but I knew that before I confessed to being a tailgater, lol. Tailgating is the least of my offenses!