Saturday, July 30, 2005

t-minus 3 days and counting

AGH! Why is it that I have been packing for almost a month and I'm still nowhere near being done? And why does S keep scheduling 'fun' things for us to do in the last week we're here? He wants us all to go waterskiing tomorrow. Which really means, he skis while I chase after Lexie and Emmie. Fun for all!

So, I've been thinking (uh oh). I feel I'm pretty open here on this blog, and I'm pretty open in real life too. Is this a bad thing? S seems to think so, he says I give people way too much ammo to use against me later. I say it keeps me honest and let's me know who really likes me.

I bring this up because on a message board I belong to (you know who you are), I was sharing some of my recent past history involving arrests and drugs. S was reading over my shoulder and couldn't believe I was putting that all out on the internet! For everyone to read! I could hear the exclamation points in his voice! I figure, what better place to share the real you, the real things you have done than the internet. The internet is still relatively anonymous, and it's not like I'm telling things I wouldn't tell a real living human (you know, as opposed to the real dead humans).

These things I have lived through have shaped me into the person I am today. Some might say that is a good thing, since I'm so damn wonderful. Others might think the exact opposite. And to them I have two little words, and they aren't "I'm sorry."

So, how do you feel about sharing personal info on the web? I'm not talking bank info and social security numbers (God, I hope none of you share that stuff. But if you do, email me). I'm talking about embarrassing things, illegal things, stuff like that. I live in a world where I interact with people more online than anywhere else. Am I sharing too much? Not enough? Do you want me to just shut up already?


Anonymous said...

I've shared a recent infidelity in my journal, if i can't be honest on my blog where can i be honest at?

Linda said...

I don't think twice about the things I post. You are right, what happened in my past has made me who I am. I have no shame in that and I don't worry about sharing that information.

I think some men (including my DH) feel weird about sharing information like that with people they know, let alone the internet. Women are different.

Inside looking out.. said...

You sound just like me..why would you hide your past? its YOU.. and if people cant take that then maybe they aint the people you want to talk to..keep tlaking about whatever you want to talk about.. im sure people will listen and not judge