Wednesday, July 06, 2005

the list

totally stole this from Dawn (thanks!).

  • Johnny Depp. Yes, he is probably at the top of everyone's list, but I don't care. Look at how yummy he is:

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  • Dave Navarro. Oh, I have loved him since he was in Jane's Addiction the first time. Yummy. Carmen Electra is one lucky bitch:

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  • Brad Pitt. He's my "pretty boy" pick. I don't think I could ever really go through with this one though, I mean really, how can I sleep with someone prettier than me?

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  • Adrien Brody. He is one of my two "geek" picks. I think tall, lanky, nerdy types are hot!

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  • Jeff Goldblum. My second "geek" pick. Yum:

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so, I want to know...who's on your list?


Dawn said...

wow that is a great picture of johnny. . .I have to say the rest of your list is not for me. but I'll fight ya for Johnny!!

Pseudo-intellectual lunatic said...

michael jackson..........hehee

Heather B said...

Well, shit, I worked on this damn thing for over an hour last night and blogger was screwing up and didnt respond. It was HARD for me to think of 5!! WTF is up with that?!

Pieces of Me said...

LOL this list hm....I dont know..nerdy is not my idea of hot I guess...I am with you on johnny and brad though! I would add matt damon!! TTYL

Melissa said...

I saw this on Rebecca's site too. I need to get my list together.

Laina said...

DUDE, I thought I was totally the only one who thinks Jeff Goldblum is hot. Sigh. Now I have competition. ;)

Christina said...

heather: blogger pulls that crap with me occasionally. And I think you're having a hard time coming up with five because you and your husband are like rabbits...LOL

laina: back off woman, he's mine!

Laina said...

Ah, shucks, he's all yours. I have my own weird picks, as you saw!

Renee said...

Ok you have a hot list although i could do without the bottom

I LOVE me some Hugh Jackman!DAMN he is FINE!lol