Monday, July 18, 2005

I'm on empty

I've got nothing. My blog-well has run dry. Too many times I have run to the computer, with a half-formed post entry rambling about in my head, only to draw a complete blank once my fingers hit the keyboard. So, I'll just give you some highlights from my weekend.

Saturday we held a garage sale and made a whopping $30.00. Which was actually $30.00 more than I thought we would make. We also found a home for my guinea pig, Pippin. I was a little sad about that until I remembered what a pain in the ass is was to clean his cage and how expensive that bedding was (because I am a neurotic freak who had to use the ultra-absorbent, naturally processed, made-from-recycled-newpaper bedding). I also found a new home for my fish. Don't worry Kaya (the wonder-chihuahua) is staying with us.

****okay, I just had like two paragraphs about what I did yesterday and Lexie hit some button and made it all go away. Argh! To recap: I watched a sucky-ass movie and that was about it. Hmm, now that I think about it, Lex might have done me a favor. I mean really, two paragraphs about nothing?****


Wethyb said...

Don't worry, my post for the day was a bunch of nothing too. We can't have great ideas all the time :)

Linda said...

I always draw blanks and start my posts 50 different times before actually coming up with something that is really nothing...LOL!

Just love to hear from you, so I could care less if it is about nothing.

Dawn said...

I am in the same boat as you. . . no posts in my brain at all.