Friday, July 01, 2005

nonsensical thoughts and ramblings

  • Yesterday was S's birthday. He is now 33 years old. Good Lord, I'm married to a mid-thirties man. I'm almost thirty! When did I get this old. I remember thinking 25 was almost dead (granted I was like 15 when I thought this). I don't feel old.
  • S and I went to a movie yesterday. Because it was his birthday, he got to choose. He chose War of the Worlds. I hate Tom Cruise (which, I mean, really who doesn't?). The movie was freakin' awesome though. Steven Spielberg can make special affects so pretty. And who doesn't love Dakota Fanning. It's nice to see that she isn't going through that awful awkward stage most child actors go through at her age.
  • I have to beg off some money from my dad tonight. It looks like the truck rental company is going to rape us of $900 (that's a dollar a mile, folks) and we are poor. My dad is rich, so there you go.
  • Looks like I'll have DSL until the day before we move! This, I am happy about. Damn SBC trying to rape me of the $200 charge of "breaking my contract" I am very not happy about. Seems they have forgotten that the fee doesn't apply if the customer moves to an area not offering SBC. So, I will win this one.
  • Our cable will be shut off almost a week before we go. This is going to suck since Lexie is addicted to Disney in the mornings. Luckily, I have a few Wiggle's DVD's for her to get her fix every morning.
  • S turned the dryer off last night mid-cycle and now the clothes that were in there smell funny. Thanks butthead.
  • I took Emmie to the doctor yesterday. Nothing big, she still looks a little yellow and I wanted to make sure that was okay. She's perfect (ha, the doctor said so!) and weighs a whopping 10lbs 12oz. So, she's gained almost 4lbs in 5 weeks. Guess this means breastfeeding is working after all.
  • Lexie is great too. She pooped in her pool last night and I didn't notice until she had drank half the water. Can you say EW! Yeah, I did along with a few other things. Called the doctor and she said not to worry, that she doubted Lex drank half the pool water. Hmm, it's like she knows I have a flare for the dramatic. I'm going to miss this doctor so much. Damn.
  • Well, my head is empty now. Off I go to clean house.


Heather B said...

Okay, dang that's alot of topics you've covered there!
1-Happy birthday to your old ;) man!
2-YOU SUPPORTED THAT DC TC?? I'm so ashamed to know you! (again, j/k)
3.Uggh. I hate having to borrow money. Especially when it's not to spend on myself!
4. My dad's not rich, can I borrow yours??
5.Glad you'll have your internet, sucks you won't have cable. BUT, DVD's will work!!
6.My husband did worse than yours! He left a candle burning ALL NIGHT!!
7. I knew Emmie was perfect before you even said so!
8. Lexie! The human pooper scooper! lmao!

Linda said...

Glad your dad is going to pay for it, that is a lot of money to just move.

I am glad you will still have DSL, I would have died without too many posts from you...LOL!

Sounds like Emmie is doing so well. I totally wish I could hold her right now!!

And Lexie, um, gross! But she is damn cute, so it is OK.

Dawn said...

very funny post! We are moving soon too and it is always so much work!

Pieces of Me said...

Hey girl,
ah!!! I am glad both girls are doing great...gross about the pool LOL! Happy Belated Birthday Hubby! My hubby turned 23 this year and I keep telling him how old he is LOL...since I am only 21..well 22 in 27 days! anyways, I hope the move goes smoothly and that people dont keep trying to rape you LOL that doesnt sound so good...Glad to hear you will have DSL cause we love updates!! Sucks about the cable mine needs the morning cartoons too but DVD's will definitely be fine for a week or even longer! ANyways have a great 4th!!

Melissa said...

You paid money to see Tom Cruise? j/k....
Hope the move goes well.