Tuesday, December 14, 2004

Random Brain Droppings

Do babies have some sort of homing device for danger intalled in their wee little brains? I swear, my daughter can find the lone leaf missed by the vaccum or the one outlet I forgot to plug up in a room filled with toys, dolls, and other baby-friendly gear.

Watching a rerun right now of America's Funniest Videos (I know, I know I have to get a life), who told Daisy Fuentes she had talent? Seriously.

Has anyone really ever figured out how many licks it is to the center of a Tootsie Roll Pop? I have tried, but am far to impatient and after 3 licks I chomp into that sucker, only wanting the chewy center anyway.

Did anyone really think Twila would win Survivor? I mean, she pretty much burned every jury member. I'm glad Chris won. And again, this is further proof of how sad my life is. Can you say couch potato?

How come East Coaster's say "standing on line" and West Coaster's (like myself) say "standing in line?"


Linda said...

Luckily for me, Alyssa still has decided to not move anywhere yet. At our last party, a friend of mine was freaking out because her son was trying to stick his finger into the electrical outlet. Sorry, I haven't had to baby proof the house quite yet.

I am also glad Chris won Survivor!!

Ohio here saying "standing IN line". But I do say POP!

Corrie said...

Hey, East Coaster in the House. I'm representing the 724(North of Pittsburgh PA) and I say "Standing in Line" like a normal person. I also say "soda" becausedare I sound like a redneck, or gasp, a hick.
Go East Coast!