Tuesday, December 28, 2004

And I'm still alive

The lines have been drawn firmly in the sand. The future of our family get-together's looks bleak. I should have stayed true to my word and killed her when I had the chance.

Christmas dinner went well. I brought a delicious salad, just as I was asked too, and managed to avoid any contact with MIL until well after dinner. That's when the gifts came out. My baby received two Baby Einstein DVD's. Very cool. Baby Dominic (her daughter's son, who is 2 weeks old) also received 3 Baby Einstein Videos and about $300 more in clothes and toys. I wasn't minding too much (I was expecting some sort of favoritism to get played out), but when her husband, my father-in-law and father to my husband exclaimed, loudly "What the hell is all this? He's only 2 weeks old. And why didn't you buy more for Christina's baby?"

A hush fell upon the room as we held our breath waiting for her answer. And she didn't fail to live up to her Bitch title. "Well, this is my first grandchild first Christmas. I had to spoil him."

I honestly think she doesn't get it. At all. I mean, does she not realize that my baby is her husband's blood grandchild, but her daughter's son is not? Oh well, I knew it was coming, but I have to be honest about the hurt still being there. Bitch!

Otherwise, the holidays went well. My step-mom and dad had already given us our present (Hawaii...Only 15 day!), yet they still bought us some cool flip-flops to wear on the beach and a kick-ass photo album to store the soon-to-be taken pics of the Island. My family rocks.

Pictures of her first Christmas coming soon. Also, pictures of the toy we got her to torture her with. I know, we should be ashamed of making her cry, but it's so funny!


Toni said...

At least you have one good family...that evil woman is HORRIBLE. Just be careful - as BOTH babies get older, I'd sit down with this woman and say that if she doesn't treat them the same, she's going to see less and less of her grandchild. They just don't understand that Gramma plays favorites.

Have a GREAT time in Hawaii!!!!

Linda said...

Sorry about that mean ol' MIL. I hope that you don't see her very often outside of the holidays. Not good for you or the little monkey to have to be put through that kind of stress.

Hawaii...only 15 days away...AWESOME! Enjoy it! Take tons of pictures and share. Do you know what the weather is like this time of year?

Corrie said...

She seriously could be the MIL from hell...however Hawaii totally makes up for it.