Monday, December 06, 2004

A post with some pictures

The usual way for me to post pictures isn't working today, so I'll just link to them.

I'm feeling recovered from the mondo trip. Idaho was by far my favorite stop, but I learned some interesting things on the way there. For instance, in Montana they really take their beer seriously, and Grandpa Stan takes his dog's home seriously (yes, it is a two-story doghouse). My angel loves car trips and slept most of the way. And in Southern Idaho, they really want you to buy soda (or as they annoyingly call it: pop).

All in all, it was a great trip. Thanksgiving was a blast, mostly due to this...How could anyone resist cuteness like that?


Toni said...

Look at those eyes...makes it all worth while.

Wow...interesting dog house. Sounds like Grandpa Stan needs to get another hobby :)

Linda said...

She is so cute! Definitly can't resist those eyes!

I am one of those annoying people who say pop. I always thought it was funny to hear it called soda. :)

Corrie said...

In western Pennsylvania everybody calls soda "pop"...I hate it and refuse to do so. I call soda, soda. Because I am cool.