Sunday, August 29, 2004

Um, can you say ew?

Prunes. Who possessed Gerber to make prunes part of the healthy diet of a growing baby? I'm sure there are those who know what I am talking about. Prunes have the uncanny ability to multiply in a baby's digestive tract, and exiting said digestive tract with enough force to power a small power boat. My God.

Yesterday they seemed like such a great idea. I should have listened to my husband when he made some comment about old people and staying regular. I remember now how high of horse I climbed onto when I turned to him and said, "Gerber made it a baby food, we have a baby, so she's eating it." Famous last words.

Now, my daughter's bowel movements have been regular, no trouble there. She performs her duty (of should I say doody) every other day. Like clockwork. But, yesterday, oh yesterday was the day to end all days in the poopy category. She had a total of three (yes three!) dirty diapers. And they weren't your average dirty diaper. Oh no! There was poop everywhere. Everywhere. Did I say everywhere? After the third nasty diaper and her second bath of the day, I marched into the kitchen (after climbing off my oh so big horse) and promptly threw the prunes away. Enough is enough. I needed a bath myself after changing those stinky things.

So, thought Gerber says prunes are a great thing for baby, we will not be serving them in my house. Not until husband and I are old and needing to stay regular.


Soper said... said "doody." he-he, he-he (Beavis laugh)

Amie said...

I always bought baby food prunes because they always made their way to the discount rack. My youngest ate TONS of prunes :D Definately "regular"