Friday, August 06, 2004

Um, about this rolling

So my baby is now an avid roller, as I've brought up numerous times. But, before you start picturing a chubby blur of rolling flash, let me get it straight for you. Yes, she rolls, but only in one direction and only from her back to her belly. So you know what that means. I am constantly being bleated at to flip her chunky self over. And I do, never once complaining (ha).

It's quite amusing during the day. Night comes and it's no longer funny. Just as I drift to sleep I hear it. The bleating that sounds like a goat that has his ass stuck in the air. I stumble into her room and find her beating the mattress with her tiny fists, bleating and drooling all over the place. The first time it happened I called in husband to have a chuckle. The second time it happened I smiled and flipped. The one hundred and sixty fifth time it happened I bleated along with her and cursed my ovaries. Why can they make such a beautiful child yet only produce one that can only learn to roll one way at a time? When will this end?

My mother laughs when I tell her and says "all in due time." Yeah, easy for you to say when you live 1000 miles away and get your 8 hours of sleep at night Damn you! She just laughs some more and I can hear her think it, payback in all it's glory.

So, what will I do? I know what I'll do. I'll keep stumbling into her room, in the dark and flip my precious baby over. And over. And over.

Maybe when she hits her teens will I be able to stop the nightly visits.

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