Tuesday, July 11, 2006

So many changes, yet I'm still the same

I've decided to break back into the blogging world. I hope there are a few of you still out there...hello?


Ahem, anyway. Things have definitely changed around here. Some good, some bad, some still undecided. I start a real-life job in two weeks. I had to come back here for that. Now, everyone will get to read about my co-workers and how much I hate my boss. Should be fun.

Casa de Austin is still going strong. S is out of work, due to some criminal activity on his part. Seems his boss had a problem with S sitting in jail for six weeks. I don't know why (insert eyeroll here). That's something we are still dealing with. The trial is in October. I get to testify! Don't worry, I'll give you all a lowdown on my thoughts about attorneys and judges, and lying witnesses soon.

Lexie and Emmie and toddlers. Agh, I have two toddlers. They are learning to play (and fight) together. It's very cute. Lexie has been going to speech therapy and it's really paying off. Her vocabulary has taken off in this last month and I can now almost understand her 80% of the time. Emmie is a climbing monkey, up and onto everything. It's a real workout watching these two.

And me? Well I'm just fine, thanks for asking. Started a diet/exercise plan yesterday and already hate it. But, when I saw the number the scale spit at me, I knew it was time for change.


Linda said...

Yay!! You're back!!

I'm so freakin' excited...LOL!!

Really, I am. I have missed reading your blog. You will notice I frequently would visit hoping you'd have a post written.

Welcome back! You know I'll always be around to read!

Good Luck with the new job and your new diet/exercise plan. I have been going strong for a little over 5 weeks now. I even started a separate blog to write about my progress and my struggles!

Laina said...

Hmmm....attorneys and judges in general, or just the ones you're dealing with? ;)

Christina said...

Laina! You know you are the only attorney in my heart :)

Anonymous said...

I'm a lurker here, been lurking for quite awhile. Glad to see that you're back and most things are well. By the way, my name is Tasha. I'm over at aol journals under Tasha's Tidbits. I'm on a break myself somewhat.