Wednesday, July 19, 2006


Well, PotW doesn't seem to be getting off to the jumping start I thought it would. Why, I thought the bloggers would be arriving in droves. Ha, I think I need something a little more substantial than three readers to be considered as the blogging giant I seem to think I am. At least my self-esteem is in a healthy place.

Speaking of healthy, this diet sucks ass. Big time. Where is my soda? My crackers? My chocolate??? I'm really starting to resent S for basically doing what I asked him to. You know motivate me and shit. But, damn. Why does he have to snatch the cookies out of my hand in the grocery store? Can't I just bring them home and snuggle with the package. You know, late at night as I die from hunger.

In other news, we have a turtle living with us. His name is Rigby, which was short for Eleanor Rigby until my sister found out her girl turtle has a penis. I'm not quite sure why he's living here and not at her house, but I've learned to just nod and smile and go along with whatever my crazy family says. Lord knows they've done it enough for me.


Linda said...

I know I always want more people to read, but then when I don't write but like once a week or so, people seem to lose interest...go figure...LOL.

Stick with the diet!! I must suggest (if you can do this) buying the cookies and treating yourself once or twice a week at the suggested serving size. You are never going to make it long term if you don't give yourself treats along the way!!

Ontario Emperor said...

At least you didn't post a picture of Emmie and the "gift."

Rename the turtle "McKenzie." (Initially, Father McKenzie was named Father McCartney, but Paul worried that the fans would think that his dad was dirt-poor, darning his socks.)

Laina said...

Here's my soda secret. DIET COKE!! Lots of it. I don't care what those water pushing healthmongers say, it is not bad for me, and it's calorie free.

Christina said...

Laina: I heart me my Diet Coke, but I read a study recently (damn me and my thirst for knowledge) that stated diet sodas actually work against you in dieting, all that aspartame and crap. DAMN!

Linda: I can't buy the cookies right now, I will jsut eat the whole box...ugh.

OE: McKenzie...I'll have to run that past her, I never even thought of that.

Dottie said...

I hear you Christina, when I took my blogging break I lost a lot of readers that don't know I'm back. I still suck at posting regularly so maybe that is a good thing! :)

LOL about your Elenor not being an Eleanor! :)