Wednesday, March 15, 2006


would it be wrong to make a large cage and keep my children in it?


Because it sounds really great to me.

Lexie is a monkey. There is nothing she can't and won't climb. Poor child has had almost all of her toys taken away. She's lost a stuffed bear for heaven's sake! A stuffed bear that, when in the hands of Lexie, became a stepping stool to get S's cigarettes off the kitchen counter. I just know it's a matter of days until I catch er smoking. She's smart enough to figure it out, I know it.

Emmie is now in cruising mode. Actually, it's more like cruising and grabbing things mode. No drink or snack are safe. She's knocked over coffee, soda, cake and tuna n' noodles. You'd think that by the second child S and I would have learned to not eat off of the coffee table, but no. We're as bad as the kids are.

We've had to separate the girls and give them each their own room. I thought this day would come much further down the road, like when they were teenagers. But, with all the bedtime problems Lexie has been having, Emmie is now getting her own troubles. So, yesterday I broke my back and taught Lexie some cool words (like shit!) and got Emmie all set up in what used to be the office. I swear, her crib hates me. And the feeling is mutual. I haven't curse that much since I broke a bone.
Emmie slept like a rock last night, while Lexie threw her usual 45 minute temper tantrum. Someday I'll get some peace and quiet.

I'm now understanding why so many moms are alcoholics now.


Sarah said...

Oh my gosh I love your caged monkey pics! They cracked me up. Alcohol? You wanna go have a drink sometime...cuz I am so there! LOL

Linda said...

I think my DH would agree with you on the crib situation. When we had to switch both cribs we had to take them apart and I really thought I was going to find each of them on the front lawn. What a PITA they are.

Laina said...

LOL at the caged monkeys, and at Lexie's new vocabulary. Believe me, she and Sam would have a heyday with the climbing. He actually got stuff off the top of the fridge once.