Wednesday, March 01, 2006

progress report

warning: silly rant starting in...




you know what's been irking me for a while? Mascara commercials, that's what. I mean, they don't even try anymore, you can totally tell those women are wearing falsies. Like the one with Eva Men*dez, it's so obvious. With all the technology we have today, couldn't they be more subtle about it? sigh...

Sorry my posts have been lacking lately. I started a my*space account and was addicted to searching for the "perfect" template for it. I go through the same thing with blogger too, looking at page after page of template designs until my eyes cross and I've got carpal tunnel from access mouse clicking. I should be back to posting here more regularly, given that no more message boards come my way.

Lexie has become obsessed with Cinderella, or Rella as she calls it. S and I can quote the enite movie for you if you'd like.

"Cinderelli, cinderelli. Day and night it's Cinderelli!"

It's rather cute though. She lays right under the TV, watching intently, refusing even to play outside while it's on. Makes cleaning up easier when you child is a zombie, so I'm happy about this.

Emmie is pulling herself up! We were starting to get worried, because she seemed so content to just lie on her back or belly all day long. Then in a two day span, she learned to sit up from a lying down position, and then pull herself up onto anything and everything. Go Emmie!


Laina said...

I feel your pain. Want to trade for a while? You can watch Monster Jam for a week or so, and I can watch Cinderella. :)

Leah said...

I think I remember reading that you moved to, Idaho...right? My Husband recently got and accepted a job offer in Boise so we will all be moving out there in May...What is Idaho like? Weather? Do you all get snow? I have lived in the very upper part of Minnesota all my life and can't imagine mountains...or no snow during winter! Off hand, Is there a TARGET in Idaho?!
Thank you!
Formerly Mrs.Bean,

Linda said...

That sounds so adorable her asking for "Rella", but I can see how it would be annoying to watch all day long. I get sick of Alyssa constantly asking for Seasame Street all day.

Too cute about Emmie. I can't believe she should even be pulling herself up on stuff already.

Leah said...

About the mascara commercial rant, I can't stand that ALL mascara commercials claim that their brand leaves no clumps...bla, bla, bla, I have yet to find a clump-free mascara ;)