Thursday, November 10, 2005

There are places I remember

I was all set Monday to come on and post about my wonderful weekend in the great state of Washington, but Aunt Flow decided to drop by and wreak havoc on me and my uterus. Oh! The! Cramps! I swear on Tuesday I thought I was in labor again, that's how bad they were.

So, Paul was awesome. Of course. I have to admit here, because I can't to anyone I really know, that I cried a little during his first act. Which I think would have been okay if he had been singing Maybe I'm Amazed or Yesterday or something, not Sergeant Pepper's Lonely Heart Club, sheesh I'm such a 'tard. But really, there I was watching a Beatle sing. To me!!! I loved every freaking moment, even when he dragged Hey Jude on to eternity and back (with viewer participation even). For being 63 years old, he puts on such an awesome show. Makes me a little sad thinking about how anyone these days can put out an album. Paul's from the time in music history where a little thing called talent was a necessity for making it big.

I got to drive around my old hometown and see how much it's changed. Boy, has it! I walked through my high school and got lost, they've totally revamped the entire building. The only recognizable feature to me was the choir room, where I spent many, many hours. The piano is even the same. I ran into the hot PE teacher and he kinda recognized me. I was bummed to hear he's married (always that schoolgirl fantasy), though I think it bummed him out more to learn that I was too...not because of that! Because now he realizes that he is getting old. So am I, for that matter.

All of my old houses look the same. That's comforting to me somehow. Knowing they are still the same, though so much is changing around them makes me think of my life. I still feel the same, but so much has changed since I was that awkward, obnoxious teenager. Seeing all these old places made me proud of who I am. I no longer put so much stock in what others think (god, I was so bad at that in high school). I have always marched to my own beat, but now I do so proudly. As I think everyone should.


Toni said...

Amazing...I'm getting old too :) Must be the second child thing!

Dottie said...

I would have cried, too! I cry at the strangest things! LOL
Don't you love it when you realize that you have come into your own and are finally that secure woman you always longed to be in H.S and really don't care what anyone else thinks! I hope you and your uterus feel better!