Monday, November 21, 2005

bad blogger, go to your room

I haven't been updating much lately. Not much to say, life is boring. Considering staging an accident just to liven the place up.

I've also been a bad blog reader. I'm sorry I haven't been leaving comments. But, I am still reading so that must count for something.

Well, that's all I wanted to say. Back to my regularly scheduled boredom.


Linda said...

I totally understand about not having anything to blog about. I get in funks like that all of the time...LOL!

Glad to see your still around though!!

Heather B said...

Boredom is among us too! Or is it lack of time to have fun?? Not sure really!!
Must all have cabin fever already, and it isn't even winter!

Heather said...

HI, I just came accross your site while I was browsing. Just wanted to leave you a comment. Have a nice day.
Your little girl is adorable...


Laina said...

You leave comments for me! I feel super special now! :)