Saturday, February 11, 2006

rambling on and on

-is it wrong that I not-so-secretly hope that Brad and Angelina's baby is ugly?

-I not-so-secretly hope that Paula Abdul falls off her chair every time I watch American Idol.

-Don't you think that after 10 freakin' seasons of Survivor, one of those loser contestants would come on the show and know how to make FIRE without needing the flint. I mean, hello, did no one watch Brat Camp where teenager, angry and mean teenagers, learned how to make the sparks using rocks, string and twigs. Jeez.

-What is going on with Locke on LOST? I know that shifty baldy is up to something.

-Speaking of LOST...why do I scream at the TV while watching it?

-Why is the Bachelor still on? This is the most pathetic show I've ever seen. How desperate do you have to be to compete in this one?

-Why do I watch so much TV?

-Why don't I have a life?

-Why does Lexie have to ask me what everything is when we go to the grocery store?

-Why am I asking so many why questions?


leah said...

Formerly Mrs. Bean here: I'm so glad you have the internet again! Dial up my be slow (& I know!) BUT it's the internet!!! I moved to a secure password protected site, so if you want to find me...just email me and I'll share the password :)

Hale McKay said...

I guess that maybe they are questions that need to be asked.