Monday, December 19, 2005

a year in review

I got this off of LINDA. It is a look at the last year in review. The idea is to post the first sentence from the first post of each month and review how your last year went. So here I go...

January: Finally, the little bugger decided to cut her first tooth. And get this...It's her top tooth. Leave it to my child to be abnormal and cut her teeth backwards.

February: to let you all know. IT'S A GIRL. They are "almost 100%" sure.

March: If you've seen any weather reports recently on the "wonderful" state of California, then you know we have had rain, rain, and then some more rain. The last couple of days though, there has been this bright shining object in the sky. It's bright out and warm. I think it's the sun, but I haven't seen it since last summer so I am not too sure.

April: So I bought some Nair and let S have his ways with my, I mean legs. I think he enjoyed it too much, I kept having to yell, "don't rub it in. You aren't supposed to rub it in!" And, damn if the crap worked.

May: Yes, folks. I am a grumpy pregnant woman. Watch out.

June: Omgod, I cannot, no really cannot, stand this shedevil any longer. She has pulled the last straw. I guess she's now angry with me and talking smack about me to anyone who will listen because I a) haven't returned her phone call (because like, duh, I just had a baby) and b) I haven't called her for help. And she knows I need help because, and I quote, "no one can raise two kids that young by themselves."

July: Yesterday was S's birthday. He is now 33 years old. Good Lord, I'm married to a mid-thirties man. I'm almost thirty! When did I get this old. I remember thinking 25 was almost dead (granted I was like 15 when I thought this). I don't feel old.

August: Well, here I am pounding away at my mother's computer, wondering if this was the right move. Of course I know it was, but S and I have been questioning our sanity for the last couple of days. All we can do is trust that all will be well.

September: I've never really thought about how my family appears to people outside our "circle." But, living with them with S, he has given me some new insight. We are a ditzy bunch. Not ditzy dumb, just ditzy.

October: Breastfeeding isn't going so well here in Casa de Austin. It hasn't for about 2 months now and I think my job is to blame. See, the first month I was a good mom and pumped when I got home from work so Emmie could have breast milk. Then, well then I just went all lazy and decided one bottle of formula wouldn't kill her.

November: I'm off for a few days. I'm heading over to Seattle with my parents, sisters, and kids to see Sir PAUL McCARTNEY in concert. That's right, I'm going to see a real live Beatle. I'm just so excited I could plotz.

December: You know what makes for a great Monday morning? No, not breakfast on bed. Nope, not hot love-making with your husband either. I'll tell you. It's waking up to find that your toilet has runneth over and now your bathroom and hallway are looking like a scene out of THE POSIEDON ADVENTURE. Luckily, there wasn't a Shelley Winters crying about not knowing how to swim.


Linda said...

Isn't it fun to look at the year in review. Can you believe that a year ago, Lexie was cutting her first tooth?? Now how many does she have?

Pieces of Me said...

how fun is that! what a great idea...I dont know if I have the time or strength though Merry Christmas

Sarah said...

I love the idea of your year in review. I like the look of your blog too.