Wednesday, December 07, 2005

where's the beef?

I was just reading some of my archived posts. You know, I used to be kinda funny. What the hell happened? This blog sure went to shit, don't you think? Is my life that mundane that I can't possibly find anything of humor to write about?

Sure, the toilet re-creating a scene from Titanic made for a chuckle, but where's the heart in that post? Do I really think you all care about me having to wade down the hallway? Could this all be because I am menstruating and suffering from the worst cramps ever and ever, amen?

I've thought this over and realized that nope, my life hasn't been very funny lately. It's been, dare I say it, pretty much normal. What gives? I think it's me. I used to laugh at everything. Now, with little to no sleep and two screaming, I mean kids, there isn't much to laugh at. And it's making my writing crap.

I'm not saying I was ever that great of a writer. But, I got a point across, and I like to think that point was filled with a laugh or two.

I promise you, my loyal readers, I promise to insert some funny into this here little blog.

Starting tomorrow....


Laina said...

It's hard to find the energy to be funny these days for everyone I think. At least you still blog, I haven't even done that lately!

Christina said...

yeah Laina, what' up with that?

Linda said...

I still read and enjoy what you have to say...I have always thought very highly of your blog. Your blog is the reason why I thought to start one!!

And you do make me laugh!!

Dottie said...

I was not able to sleep early this morning and was thinking of blogging, I seriously was thinking the same thing. Ever since my blog was invaded by the SIL's I just have lost my creativity, or such that it was. :( I think I felt violated! LOL Hopefully the new year will inspire us:) But girl, you do make me laugh!